About Us

Who we are

Pixtech International is a newly-formed company focused on supplying all kinds of printer-related supplies since 2018,

Product range including:

Remanufactured, compatible, and refillable ink cartridges and refill Ink bottles, maintenance box, chip resetter, part of surplus OEM ink cartridges, which are our main business;

3D printing supplies like 3D filament (PLA, ABS, PCL, TPU, etc.) for 3D printer and 3D Pen; compatible label maker tape (Dymo, Brother, Casio, Epson);

POD supplies like sublimation transfer paper & heat transfer paper, DTF ink, DTF pet film, DTF powder, sublimation blanks, etc.

We only deliver high-quality items with competitive prices in the market, providing the most comprehensive selections on color, size, and weight for custom needs. ODM/OEM services are all available. Our main target is not how to sell more products to our customers but how to support our customers to grow the business with our products and services.

Pixtech team cheer up and stick together

Original Aspiration

Why Pixtech established?

“With nine years of experience wholesaling printing supplies in a manufacturing & trading combo, I’ve been learning how to be a right-hand man for our customers, providing the best services we can, and do care for our customers’ concerns and thoughts. Later, I began to realize that it’s just the tip of the iceberg; we don’t have a deep-down knowledge of the industries, and many blocks limit us, which prevents us from meeting our customers’ requirements. Have we really provided the best? I doubted it, and I believed there must be more opportunities outside, so I decided to get out of it and took a completely different outlook. Startup Pixtech International with like-minded friends, supplying printing supplies, helping our customers get what they need, even if they are not that clear. I do believe we can provide our unique values to our business partners.”


We are delivering our value about how to save your cost and time

More convenience and prompt communication

We communicate easier and faster for any orders, making them proceed at a fast and stable pace to ensure the satisfied quality. For any situation, we will take responsibility for managing it and solving the problems without obstacles. When you have a delivery date issue, quality issue, technical issue, etc., we will try our best to support you, communicate the very first time, and even reach the production floor if needed, without a time difference.

Resource integration

We are trying to be the center of the resource, gathering all kinds of informatiom, be an expert in the industries and market, so that we can remain competitive. No factory can manufacture all the printing supplies, but we can you to diversify the products ranges systematically. With us, you can always get the strict selected sources after our dig-in research of the industry easily.

More competitive prices even small quantity

We can offer lower wholesale prices even for small order quantities and without quality compromise. So no matter the small or large quantity, we assure you that you can get a quite competitive wholesale price in the industry. You don't have to take a lot of time to talk with several suppliers at the same time to compare all the prices.

We wanted that it’s an easy-peasy business for you, being well-handled, with great management, and highly trusted. This way, we will have sustainable business growth for both of us, and everything will proceed smoothly. We are always passionate about what we do, looking forward to being your business partner and supplying you with fancy products so you can enlarge your business and earn more profits. Learn more about our Mission, Vision and Values.

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