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We supply a wide range of 3D printer supplies with affordable factory-direct prices, in different materials, colors, sizes, and weights for selections, PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, and so forth. As a professional 3D printer filament, We always try best to make sure the filaments are compatible with all kinds of desktop FDM or FFF technology 3D printers and 3D printing pens. So that we can meet your and your customers’ various creative requirements. 

If you are looking for a Chinese manufacturer to bulk purchase 3d printing filament with excellent quality and price, here is the place to try. We’ve exported thousands of spools every month basically with no negative feedback. Stable quality guarantee, just simple and pure! Always openly welcome to contact us for a quotation or request a sample to test out.

one roll of Cyan color ABS 3d filament from manufacturer
a stack of 3d pen filament rolls in all colors

What We Offer

Available type: PLA, PLA+, ABS, TPU, PCL, PETG

Most popular size:   1.75mm 1KG/Roll, 2.85mm 1KG/Roll, 3.00mm 1KG/Roll, 1.75mm 10m/Roll&5m/Roll

Available colors: PLA(47 colors), PLA+(20 colors), ABS(27 colors), TPU(7 colors), PCL(34 colors), PETG(10 color)

Our advantages: 

-High-quality imported raw material.
-Biodegradable, without waste/recycled material
-No bubble
-Roundness tolerance: +-0.02mm
-Dia tolerance: +-0.03mm
Compatible with most of the 3d printers or 3d pens in the market and no harm to the nozzle

Spool type: Black, transparent, or customizable style, even color

Materials Source: Imported high-quality raw materials, like NatureWorks, Eastman, etc

Pack & packaging: Vacuum sealed and packaged individually (moisture-free), In Kraft Boxes or Color Boxes.

Why Choose Our 3D Printing Filament?

Material Quality

At our 3D printing filament supplier, we take great pride in crafting top-grade filaments consistent in size and shape, made from only top materials available - guaranteeing accurate prints every time! When purchasing in bulk from us, you can be confident you're receiving top-quality filament products that meet all of your printing needs.

Filament Diameter

Our 3D printing filament supplier offers a selection of filament diameters between 1.75mm and 2.85mm to suit all your 3D printing needs. They can even customize their diameter according to specific requests. With bulk orders from us, you can choose a diameter ideally suited for your printer without worrying about running out mid-print.

Wide Color Options

Our 3D printer filament manufacturing company offers an array of vibrant and eye-catching color choices for you to create stunning and captivating prints. We utilize high-grade pigments, so our colors remain vivid. When purchasing 3D printer filament in bulk from us, you gain access to an expansive palette for all of your printing needs.

Filament Types

As a 3D printing filament manufacturer, we offer an assortment of filament types - PLA, ABS, and PETG among them - that you can select for use in various projects. Each filament offers distinct properties and characteristics to make it suitable for specific tasks; when purchasing 3D printer filament in bulk from us, you have access to this selection, ensuring you always have enough filament available for all your printing endeavors.

Factory Wholesale Price

Our 3D printing filament manufacturing company offers competitive pricing on bulk filament purchases. When purchased in large volumes, purchasing can save money per spool compared to individual purchases, further lowering printing costs by decreasing waste and improving printing efficiency, contributing to reduced overall printing costs.

Project sample 1

A PLA filament made Moon mould

one piece of white PLA 3d filament with transparent spool
a white filament made moon mould on a wood holder
a lighten 3d printed moon in the dark

Project sample 2

A TPU filament made craft mould

one roll of green color TPU 3d filament
3d mould made by TPU material 3d filament
Using hand to bend the TPU 3d mould to show it's flexible and bendable

Project sample 3

Made a shoe by using 3d drawing pen with pla filament

A various of 3d filaments for 3d drawing pen in a circle
The front of a handmade 3d shoe by 3d pen with pla filament
The left side of a handmade 3d shoe that use pla material


For Reference (1.75mm 1KG/PC):
1*Carton box: 44×40×24 cm, 10 spools per carton
1*Pallet: 45 cartons (450 spools intotal)
1*20ft Container: 10 pallets (4500 spool in total)

To prevent filament from becoming damp during storage, each spool is equipped with a pack of desiccant. Furthermore, each spool is vacuum-sealed, compressed, and packaged in a high-quality, crush-resistant cardboard box to ensure that our end-users receive the product in perfect condition.

One piece of black 3d filament with a Kraft box
Kraft boxes for Packaging 1.75mm 1kg 3d filament
packed 3d filament on pallets and ready to ship


By selecting our 3D printer filament manufacturer for bulk filament purchases, you can be assured of receiving high-quality filaments that are consistent in size and shape and available in multiple colors and types.

At 3D Printing Filament Supply, our competitive pricing and dedication to quality make us a go-to supplier. By purchasing in bulk from us, you can reduce the cost per spool while benefitting from access to an expansive variety of filament types and colors, ensuring you always have what you need for every printing project.

No matter the level of experience or interest, our 3D printer filament factory is committed to supplying you with the top quality filament for all your printing needs – whether professional or hobbyist alike! Get a quote with us today, let’s see how we can support your projects!

If you are looking for other types of 3D filament, like PVA, PMMA, PC, TPE, Nylon, please contact us for a direct quotation.

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