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Ink Cartridge Manufacturers in China

Pixtech is a comprehensive printer ink cartridge manufacturer and supplier located in China, we provide a wide range of compatible printer cartridges for all brands. 

Compatible new ink cartridges refer to printer ink cartridges produced by third-party manufacturers that can replace original equipment manufacturer (OEM) ink cartridges. The most significant advantage of compatible ink cartridges over OEM ones is their lower price, which helps save printing costs while still delivering high-quality printing results. 

As OEM ink cartridges are often expensive, more and more people are turning to compatible ink cartridges as a cost-effective solution. Choosing a reliable and high-quality compatible ink cartridge supplier can ensure both the quality of the printouts and the longevity of the printer. 

As an ink cartridge manufacturer and supplier, Pixtech offers a comprehensive selection of ink cartridge models to meet various needs for both desktop printers and wide-format printers.

Ink cartridges manufacturing process
Color inspection for ink cartridge printing quality check

What brands do we offer for alternative compatible ink cartridges?

Developing and manufacturing compatible ink cartridges is a process that follows in the footsteps of the original ink cartridges and has resulted in generation after generation of alternative printer cartridges. As a leading ink cartridge manufacturer, the brands we can produce and supply include:

HP. Models include but not limited to: HP 95x series, 96x series, 90X series, 934/935 series, 920XL, 97x series, 940XL, 88XL, 10XL, 82XL, 727XL, 70, 72 81, 83, 728XL;

Epson. Models include but not limited to: 27XL, 33XL, 405, T673, T907-907, 502, 603, T252, T288, T220, T802, T212, T202, T312/314, 812, 822, T902;

Canon. Models include but not limited to: Canon PGI-x50/CLI-x51, PGI-x70/CLI-x71, PGI-x80/CLI-x81, PGI-2×00 PGI-1×00, PGI-35/LCI-36, PGI-65, PGI-5/CLI-8, PGI-29, PFI-102, PFI-1000, PFI-120,PFI-1700;

Brother. Models include but not limited to: LC1x3, LC2x3, LC3x11, LC3x13, LC3x17, LC3x19, LC3x27, LC3x29,LC3x33, LC3x35, LC3x37LC3x39, LC4x1LC4x2LC4x4LC4x6LC4x7(5 Gen, latest version available now);

Lexmark. Models include but are not limited to 100XL, 150XL, 200XL;

Kodak. Models include but are not limited to 10XL and 30XL.

RicohModels include but are not limited to GC21, GC31, GC41, and SG500 SG1000.

Wide selections and various ink cartridge models ready for your wholesale and retail business

952XL ink cartridge one set updated latest chip
Canon ink cartridges ready for wholesaler
Brother 4gen compatible ink cartridges supplier
HP 685 compatible ink cartridge available for wholesale
Epson compatible ink cartridge from manufacturer
PGI-39 ink cartridge one set 12 colors
792 ink cartridge for HP wide format printers for wholesaler

Are there any ink cartridges models that you are looking for? Contact our team for support. (After all, there are too many models to list them all.) : )

Why Choose Our Aftermarket Compatible Ink Cartridges?

From the prospects of ink cartridge manufacturers, we have more consideration factors on ink cartridges. And an ink cartridge factory must make sure each part is workable and closer to OEM performance.

Precision Mold and Highly Compatible Shell

Our ink cartridges are precisely molded according to the original cartridges, resulting in a product that is almost indistinguishable from the original. To avoid patent issues, we perform targeted molding, which also helps prevent legal problems.

Quality Shell Material

Our ink cartridges are manufactured from high-quality PP material, making them resistant to deformation during transportation and use. This ensures the quality of the ink cartridges, making them more durable. When comes to manufacturing ink cartridges, the sealing ability is vital for the shell.

Premium Ink

Our ink is made from high-quality raw materials similar to those used in the original ink. The particles are smaller than 0.15 microns, resulting in fine ink quality and smooth ink flow. This effectively protects the printer and print head, reducing wear and tear and extending the life of the printer.

Excellent Printing Results

Our ink cartridges have sufficient ink capacity, with a similar printing capacity as the original cartridges. We use imported materials to ensure the quality of the printed product, resulting in efficient and high-quality printing with excellent color and font presentation.

Reliable compatible Chip

Our ink cartridges are equipped with a stable new compatible chip that accurately recognizes the count and can be used just like OEM ink cartridges after being tested. This is a factor that ink cartridge manufacturers must concern.

Prevention of Ink Leakage

We use high-quality sealing film for the ink outlet, ensuring the quality of the ink and preventing ink leakage. The film can be automatically pierced during installation, eliminating the need for manual tearing.

Benefits from your Ink Cartridge Manufacturer

Factory Direct Wholesale Prices

Our prices will help you get more competitiveness in the market. We totally understand how prices are vital for your business. Contact us for an easy and quick quote.

Quality Assurance

Our ink cartridges are made of high-quality materials and are highly stable. Our products have passed various certifications, including ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, and RoHS.

Free Ink Cartridge Samples

A wholesale business is always need to be cautious. We provide free ink cartridge samples for testing purposes, allowing our clients to have a hands-on experience with our products.

Small Minimum Order Quantity

We understand that some clients may have smaller demands, even for their printing needs, so we offer a small minimum order quantity. Especially to order in small amounts to test the market first.

Hassle-Free After-Sales Services

We offer a 24-month quality guarantee for our products. We will well take care of the defectives and take responsibility. If the ink cartridge cannot be recognized due to a printer firmware upgrade, we will actively provide a solution to solve the problem.

Customization Services

We offer various product packaging options that are convenient for transportation and sales. Additionally, we can also provide customized branding services for our clients. With our experience, we can help you build your brand.

Buy Ink Cartridges in Bulk from Pixtech Factory with Ease

T01U1-6 compatible ink cartridges installation

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