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Ink Refill Kit to Save Printing Cost

We carry all kinds of ink refill kits and accessories for inkjet printers, more choices than you can be expected. We provide many alternative solutions for OEM(original) products, including compatible/remanufactured/refillable ink cartridges, CISS, Refill Kits, Bulk ink, and so on, covering the brands like HP, Canan, Epson, Brother, Ricoh, Dell, Lexmark, for both desktop and Wide-format printers. 

Although we are not a manufacturer of all these items, you can source for all you need more quickly. If you are looking for a supplier who can supply these all at once, here is the right place. We will give you an easy-peacy purchasing experience, and you’ll find it easy to work with our team. We base in Zhuhai, China, the capital of printing consumables, and can be your right-hand man for purchasing.

Refill kit for Empty-CISS

CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System)

✔30+ styles of the CISS tank available for choosing.
✔Leakproof, well-sealed to prevent ink-leaking.
✔ High-quality plastic material for long-term use.
✔Mature technique ensures it is stable to work.

Empty-Refillable-refill Kit

Refillable Ink Cartridge

✔Empty or Filled with Dye, pigment, or sublimation Ink, even edible Ink.
✔With the newest updated ARC chips, or one-time chip OR without chip version.
✔Cartridge design for easy refilling and large capacity.

Many kinds of ink refill kit set for CISS DIY

Ink Cartridge Refill Kit&Accessories

✔For those who love to DIY for their inkjet supplies.
✔All kinds of kit to refill the ink cartridge, eg. hand-driller, syringe, needle, printhead clearner, Ink suction tool, universal DIY CIS tank set and MORE.
✔Nothing is too small to supply, you name it.

952 952 932 printhead repair kit

Printhead Cleaning Kit for HP

✔Repair clogged printhead like 952, 953, 950/951, 962, 963 etc
✔High compatibility, tightly sealed for easier unclog
✔Works with cleaning liquid solutions can save the life of printhead.

chip resetters for ink cartridge to refill

Chip Resetter

✔For part of Epson/Canon/Brother/Ricoh ink cartridge or maintenance tank.
✔Easy to apply. New types with Type-C built-in port.
✔Clear LED warming light.

Compatible one time chips KCMY for HP950/951

Compatible Chip

✔One time use chip & Auto reset chip for ink cartridge, CISS, maintenance box.
✔Latest version chip, high compatibility.
✔Hassle free, after-sales service for firmware update issue.

Printhead Cleaning Kit for HP

✔Repair clogged printhead like 18 38 70 72 73 88  89 91 771 789 792 940 941 789
✔High compatibility, tightly sealed for easier unclog
✔Works with cleaning liquid solutions can save the life of printhead.

2 pcs of T6711 Maintenance box(Waste Ink Collector)

Maintenance Box for Epson/Ricoh

✔Compatible, works just like original one.
✔Quality sponge for Ink Suction.
✔T6710/T6711,T6715/T6715, T6190, T6193, T2950, S2101,  S2100, SG400…

Printer Internal Cabels for the printhead, scanner,  carriage

✔Compatible, stable quality, same as OEM but much cheaper.
✔We accept customized labels.
✔Wide selections for most printers…

Yes, our one-stop solution for inkjet refill kits and accessories is ready for your bulk purchasing!

1, We provide a high-resource integration solution. Is anything about inkjet cartridges we can try to offer? With us, you don’t have to spend a lot of time, effort, and money looking for some products or testing the quality.

2, We can supply you with some items that are challenging to purchase or not easy to be found. And we will keep pace with the industry, providing the latest products.

3, We do wholesale only, focusing on supplying in bulk to our oversea distributors and giving support to grow their business constantly.

Please explore with us, you will find some unexpected niche products.

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