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Compatible Label Tape Supplier

We supply all kinds of compatible laminated label tapes for label makers/printers, mainly for the Brother TZ series, Brother MK series, Dymo D1 series, Dymo LetraTag series, Casio, KingJim, and so forth. There are so many models for different colors and widths we can help you quickly find out what you need. Our label tape will be used a 0.038mm PET(Polyethylene) film as the protective laminate; it guarantees excellent durability, even for the most demanding condition. If you test our alternative label cassette, you will find that it’s pretty much close to the original performance.

Black on yellow and black on white label maker tapes from label tape manufacturer
A p-touch series 12mmlabel tape installed in brother label maker

What We Offer

Compatible brands: Brother, Dymo, Casio, Kingjim&Epson

Popular width: 1/4″(6mm), 3/8″(9mm), 1/2″(12mm), 3/4″(18mm), 1/1″(24mm), 3/2″(36mm)

Available colors: Black on Clear, Black on White, Black on Red, Black on Blue, Black on Yellow, Black on Green, Black on Gold, Black on Silver, Black on Matt Clear, Black on Matt Silver, Red on Clear, Red on White, Blue on Clear, Blue on White, Gold on Clear, Gold on Black, White on Clear, White on Black, White on Red, White on Blue, White on Yellow, White on Green, etc

Our advantages: 

High drilling accuracy, compatible just like the original. Make the printing more even and clear.

Super strong adhesiveness. The long time during up to 10 years. Tough and not easily broken. 

0.038mm PET film. Great abrasion resistance, fade resistance, water/oil resistant, anti-High/Low Temperature(-10°C~45°C).

Fast delivery, ready in stock.

Features: Great abrasion resistance, Anit-fade, Strong adhesiveness, waterproof, Anti-High/Low Temperature

Structure (7 layers): From the top to the bottom: Pet Protective film, Thermal Transfer Ribbons, Adhesive film, Base Film, Color film, Adhesive film, the Isolation layer

Pack & packaging: Packaged individually in a plastic bag and color boxes. Or combo packaged in a color box.

Wide Selection Available

Alternatives for all range of Brother TZ series genuine label tape
High quality compatible laminated label tape for Brother M series from label tape manufacture
100% compatible quality label cassette for Casio EZ label series
Label printer tape replacement for Dymo D1 series from manufacturer
Premium Compatible label cassette for Dymo DM-series

Application Sample

Marking squeeze bottles with labels for different sauces
Marking the storage boxes with labels for different office stationery
Sticking different telecom cables by the label maker printed labels
Marking all kinds of sauces containers by printed customized labels

As a label tape manufacturer, how we do test and make sure of the quality, take P-touch laminated labels, for example:

1, Anti-Corrosion&Waterproof testing: Put a piece of labeled glass into the water and Chemical, and keep soaking for 2 hours.
2, Anti-Abrasion: Use a 1kg sanding device to scratch the label’s surface 50 times.
3, Anti-High/Low Temperature: Getting the direct label to touch the surface of the stainless steel at -80℃ for 240 hours and +100℃ for 240 hours.
4, Fade-resistant: Put the laminated label into the fade-inducing chamber and simulate it in sunlight for one year.

If the printed content is not affected under the above four testing, it means the QC pass for quality.


1, The selection of the label tape depends on the applications, printer models, and the printing width of the printer. Regarding selections, our label tape manufacturer is always open to customizing for various demands.
2, We also provide non-laminated tape for general indoor use; the printing performance is also excellent. Please get in touch with us if interested. But we would not recommend using this type of material.
3, Heat Shrink Tube Series label tapes are available; contact us if needed.

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