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Printers’ maintenance boxes are used to collect excess ink. After printing, ink may be left on internal components such as print heads or capping stations. The excess ink could build up without this feature, causing malfunctions and breakdowns. This excess ink can be contained in a maintenance tank to prevent damage or compromise to the machine’s functionality. This is why a maintenance tank is an essential component of the printer, especially for the printers that use micro piezo printhead, like Epson and Ricoh.

Since 2019, we have been researching and developing the third party maintenance box. Our sales have steadily increased these years, making it one of our most promising product categories. We mainly supply Epson maintenance boxes, as well as Canon and Ricoh Brands, all using high-quality materials, ensuring they work just like an OEM.  But why should you choose our maintenance box over others?

Wide selections and various models of maintenance box ready for your wholesale and retail business.
Epson Maintenace box has the most options.

Epson T04D1 Maintenance Box Compatible
Epson T6711 Maintenance Box Compatible
Epson T5820 Maintenance Box Compatible
Epson T2950 Maintenance Box Waste Ink Tank Popluar, compatible, alternative
Epson T6710 Maintenance Box Compatible
Epson T6193 Maintenance Box Compatible
Canon MC-G02 Maintenance Box for wholesale replacement for OEM
IC41 Maintenance Box for Wholesale
T3661 Maintenance Box
Epson T6997 Maintenance Box Compatible
C9345 Maintenance Box
S2101 Maintenance Box for wholesale for sublimation Printer

Are there any maintenance box models that you are looking for? Contact our team for support; giving printer models or ink cartridge models is enough to find out. (After all, there are too many models to list them all.) : )

Why Choose Our Compatible Maintenance Tank?

There are actually massive demands to change a new maintenance tank for the printers. We generally have to pay much to purchase a new OEM box, sometimes even hard to buy. Many users even can’t figure out why need to buy a maintenance tank after paying quite much to buy the ink cartridges. Providing a cheaper compatible maintenance box is certainly a big save to our customers, it’s a simple product.

Precision Mold

Our maintenance box is made with precision mold technology, which ensures that our product is highly compatible with your printer. The stable structure of our maintenance box guarantees a long-lasting product that is built to withstand the test of time.

Intelligent Recognition Technology

Our waste ink tank is equipped with intelligent recognition technology that accurately detects when the ink is full, and prompts you to replace the maintenance box. This feature ensures that your printer remains in optimal condition, and you can avoid any unnecessary downtime or malfunctions.

Protective Packaging

All our maintenance tank come with protective packaging to ensure that they are not damaged during transportation. We also provide disposable gloves to make it easy for you to replace the maintenance box without getting your hands dirty. We also include a plastic bag to dispose of the old maintenance box.

High-Quality Fiber Cotton

Our maintenance tank is made with high-quality fiber cotton that provides strong ink absorption, preventing any ink overflow or leakage. This feature ensures that your printer remains clean and free from any damage caused by ink spills.


Our tank is easy to install and use, providing the same experience as an original product. We offer factory direct sales, which means that our prices are highly competitive compared to others in the market.


Our waste ink tank is a cost-effective solution that can save you money without compromising on quality. Many people overlook this product, but it can save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

What Else We Can Supply Other Than A Complete Maintenance Box? We have more solutions.

There are three ways to clean the data of the full waste ink tank.

  1. Using a chipless solution by hacking the printer, then the printer will no longer detect the maintenance box, which means you can use your own way to handle the waste ink;
  2. Using a resetter counter to reset the data. Install the software, then connect the printer and reset. This way is suitable for the box has no chip on it. 
  3. Using a new compatible chip to replace the old chip. It’s a cheaper way compared to buying a new complete box.

We also supply cotton sponge only for all maintenance box models we have. Just handle the data reset problem, then we can use a new sponge and keep printing.

This solution is more suitable for those with massive printing needs because it means using up the box more frequently. Just remove the used maintenance box, then use the chip resetter to reset the chip data, then change the sponge (or other methods) and use.

As long as we have a way to reset the data,  another way would be diverting the waste ink via a pipe, then flowing into a tank.

Filling the Gap with Lower-cost Maintenance Box

The demand for printing supplies is highly correlated with printer sales. After users purchase a printer, they generally start replacing the Maintenance Box within 1-2 years. Many people overlook the importance of a good maintenance box, but it can be a crucial component in saving costs and maintaining the longevity of the printer.

We highly recommend that you should definitely add this niche product to your catalog and expand your business. 

We are constantly developing new models for this product category; please get in touch with us for updates.

We support ordering in small quantities, even if you might use them for your printing business. Contact Us today, we will send you a top-selling maintenance box price list for your reference. 



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