Sublimation Paper & Heat Transfer Paper

Aim to give a beautiful and durable tansfer every time.

Heat Transfer and Sublimation Paper Manufacturer in China

We supply sublimation transfer paper for Desktop/Large format inkjet printers, Heat Press machines using, to meet many kinds of customized requirements in different media. Our paper will give a 90%+ transfer rate, making sure the performance is good as printed, restoring the original design to the substrate (the premise is that the ink quality needs to be excellent and well-operated). The production of our paper has made significant progress with mature technology, our quality is on a par with the big international brand, and we can offer these items at much better prices.

High-quality sublimation paper manufacturer for supplying different size
Supplying Heat transfer paper suitable for light or dark color cotton T-shirt

What We Offer

Paper type: Sublimation paper, Transfer heat paper

Popular size:  A4/A3/A3+/24″ 36″ 42″ 44″ 52″ 54″ 63″ 72″*100-1000 meter

Use on: Cotton fabric, polyester fabric, mouse pad, banner, mug, ceramic and aluminum plate, etc. 

Weights: 60gsm, 80gsm, 70gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm, 120gsm

Product features: 

Great shape stability: keep the shape without changing even under 180-250℃ temperature, sticking with media.

High transfer rate: 90%-95%+.

Compatible with all kinds of Cutters/Plotters.

Great Durability.

Compatible printer: Desktop inkjet/laser printer. Wide-format: Epson, Mimaki, Roland, Mutoh, etc

Structure (3 layers): From the top to the bottom: Functional coating layer, Base paper, Anti-wrap coating layer

Pack & packaging: Packaged in transparent or color plastic bag. Jumbo Roll.

What are the differents between sublimation paper and heat transfer paper:

ItemsSuitable MediaSuitable Ink TypeSuitable Printer
Heat Transfer Paper – DarkBlack/Dark color cotton fabric
(cotton content over 70%)
Pigment inkInkjet printer
Heat Transfer Paper – LightWhite/Light color cotton fabric
(cotton content over 70%)
Pigment ink Inkjet printer
Sublimation PaperCeramic, metal, glass, phone case, polyester-based fabric (cotton content lower than 30%), etcSublimation inkInkjet printer(Epson&Ricoh) and large format printer like Epson/mimaki/roland/muoth/MS

Application Samples of Sublimation Transfer Paper

A customized throw pillow with Captain America Shield by using sublimation transfer paper
Custom Pillow
Transfer custom special picture onto the slipper
Custom Slippers
A unique shopping bag with transferred picture
Custom Shopping Bag
Sublimation transferred small plate with a picture of a painting boy
Custom Plate
A mouse pad customized with a cartoon town by using transfer paper
Custom Mouse Pad

Case: Custom a Cotton T-shirt by Dark Color Heat Transfer Paper

Blank A4 heat transfer paper for dark color cotton T-shirt is being ready to print
Printed the picture of Angry Birds on A4 heat transfer paper
Cut and leave the blank area of the heat transfer paper with Angry Birds
Remove the base paper, put the cut paper above the T-shirt and use Heat press machine to transfer the image onto the T-shirt
Finished transferred an Angry Birds T-shirt

Note: The timing and temperature setting when heat pressing the paper is crucial. Every manufacturer has their own tech to produce the paper and materials difference, which cause different performance; please follow our instructions when using our papers.

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