Wholesale Remanufactured Ink Cartridge

WHY Remanufactured Ink Cartridges?

We specialize in wholesale remanufactured ink cartridges, also known as refurbished ink cartridges. These are cartridges that have been collected after use and then refilled and remanufactured to create a cartridge that is capable of printing just like new. Remanufactured ink cartridges are so popular because, in most cases, the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have difficulty developing and producing cartridges with built-in printheads.

Additionally, making such a cartridge could result in legal risks related to patent infringement. Due to the high cost of cartridges with built-in printheads, remanufacturing and recycling them is a cost-effective way of reducing printing costs.

While printhead ink cartridge quality issues do not affect printer motherboards or programs, discarded cartridges cause significant environmental pollution. This pollution is mainly due to the non-degradable plastic casing that causes white pollution and the colored ink that causes water pollution. Remanufactured ink cartridges are a vital solution to reduce environmental damage compared to OEM inks’ one-time use and disposal. OEMs allow remanufacturers to recycle cartridges in this way to reduce the environmental impact.

Our remanufactured ink cartridges are of high quality and provide the same level of performance as original equipment manufacturer cartridges. They are also environmentally friendly, making them a great choice for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact while still maintaining excellent print quality. Our company takes pride in providing our customers with cost-effective and environmentally friendly printing solutions. We focus on remanufactured ink cartridges with built-in printheads for brands like HP, Canon, and Lexmark.

Remanufactured Ink Cartridge chip nozzle part
Wholesale remanufactured ink cartridge Foil bag package

What Remanufactured  Ink  Cartridges Models We Offer

For HP: 

HP 60XL, 61XL, 62XL, 63XL, 64XL, 65XL, 67XL, 67XXL;

HP 300XL, 301XL, 302XL, 303XL, 304XL, 305XL, 307XL;

HP 121XL, 122XL, 123XL, 124XL;

HP 818XL, 802XL, 803XL, 804XL, 805XL;

HP 662XL, 664XL, 667XL;

HP 650XL, 651XL, 652XL, 653XL;

HP 678XL, 679XL, 680XL, 682XL;

HP 40, HP45/78, 57/58, 46, 47, 74/75, 350/351, 140/141, 860/861, Photo 99, 348, 138, 858;

343/339, 99/348/138 Photo,100 Gray;

96/98/337/129/851 Black, 97 Color, ETC

For Canon: 

PG-30XL/CL-31XL, PG-40XL/CL-41XL, PG-37XL/CL-38XL, PG-50XL/CL-51XL, PG-240XL/CL-241XL, PG-243/CL-244, PG-245XL/CL-246XL, PG-260XL/CL-261XL, PG-275XL/CL-276XL;

PG-140XL/CL-141XL, PG-145XL/CL-146XL;

PG-340XL/CL-341XL, PG-345XL/CL-346XL, PG-360XL/CL-361XL;

PG-440XL/CL-441XL, PG-445XL/CL-446XL, PG-460XL/CL-461XL;

PG-540XL/CL-541XL, PG-545XL/CL-546XL, PG-560XL/CL-561XL;

PG-640XL/CL-641XL, PG-645XL/CL-646XL, PG-660XL/CL-661XL;

PG-740XL/CL-741XL, PG-745XL/CL-746XL, PG-760XL/CL-761XL;

PG-840XL/CL-841XL, PG-845XL/CL-846XL;

PG-940XL/CL-941XL, PG-945XL/CL-946XL, PG-860XL/CL-861XL, ETC

For Lexmark: 

#41XL C, #42XL BK, #43XL C, #44XL BK, #45XL C, #23XL BK, #24XL C, #28XL BK, #29XL C, #31XL Photo, #32XL BK, #33XL C, #34XL BK, #35XL C, #36XL BK, #37XL C, #14XL BK, #15XL C, #1XL C, #2XL C, #3XL BK, #4XL BK, #5XL C, #82XL BK, #83XL C, #50XL BK, #60XL C, #70XL BK, #80XL C, #20XL C, #16XL BK, #26XL C, #17XL BK, #27XL C, #1145XL BK, ETC

Why do we need to put more effort into remanufactured printhead ink cartridges?

Market Changes is fast, prices up and down

Remanufactured printhead ink cartridges are a unique product, and their price is closely related to the cost of the empty cartridges. Sometimes, the cost of empty cartridges fluctuates like a roller coaster. If you buy them at a high point, it will weaken your competitiveness in the market. To have an edge over your competitors, you should keep track of the updated prices in real-time. Therefore, do not purchase at the most expensive time, or you may face the risk of a significant price drop in a few weeks. Keep in touch with us, and we will update you with the latest factory prices every week to further improve your market control.

New chip welding

First-hand empty shell is King

The empty cartridges are collected from all over the world and then reprocessed and resold. After a new ink cartridge has gone through one printing cycle, the life of the printhead ink cartridge is at most 1000 pages approximately. If you print too much, the printhead will be damaged, and you cannot achieve clear and complete printing results. Therefore, the quality difference between first-hand and second-hand empty cartridges is evident, and print test pages don't lie.

Printhead ink cartridges are our company’s core products, and apart from outdated models, we mainly use first-hand empty cartridges in the production process. We do not use cartridges that have been used twice, which results in the remanufactured ink cartridges having the best quality, second only to the quality of new original cartridges, and can ensure the best printing quality.

How's the quality of remanufactured ink cartridges compared to OEM?

According to some controversy on the web, there are several common problems that a user might encounter when using a remanufactured ink cartridge. These include poor print quality, high failure rate, compatibility issues where the printer may not recognize the cartridge, ink leakage, and reduced page yield for printing.

But honestly, these are quite stereotypical opinions. Remanufactured ink cartridges today can do much better than that.

To reduce costs and improve the yield rate, the production technology of remanufactured ink cartridges has greatly improved over time. Through automation, the rate of defective products has been significantly reduced. Some problems in remanufactured ink cartridges also exist in new OEM ones, and the probability of OEM may be relatively lower. You can see feedback on OEM original ink cartridges on platforms like Amazon, where you will find comments like “Doesn’t last that long,” “Didn’t work on certain printers,” or “Ordered two, one bad one good.”

So, how do we guarantee the quality of our remanufactured ink cartridges?

Ink cartridge shell, great status
98 remanufactured ink cartridge

First-hand empty cartridges.

Quality assurance, printhead quality remains intact, and the printing effect is highly stable, which is almost the same as that of new cartridges.

New chips work the same as OEM.

Our cartridges are equipped with brand-new compatible chips that display ink levels rather than a dull gray ink level that does not show the actual remaining ink level. The chips from Apex are always our first choice.

Low recognition failure rate, less than 2%.

A few years ago, the rate was 3%. It was then lowered to 2.5%, and now it’s at 2%. We always strive to do better and typically test twice before shipping.

High-quality ink

We use special dye ink that produces bright and vivid colors, which is quite close to OEM quality.

High Performance

We manually test and check the printing effect to ensure that each cartridge meets high-definition image printing requirements. We must conduct An endless series of tests and qualifying protocols to certify a product that can perform as well as the original.

Each cartridge can undergo standard test printing to ensure that the page yield of each sheet meets the standard.

Excellent sealability.

We strictly control the quality of the cover, printhead, air guide membrane, and cartridge label. After passing the 70 Pa negative pressure test, the cartridge is not easily prone to ink leakage during transportation. The technology of remanufactured ink cartridges is becoming increasingly mature, and more and more production steps are being automated, significantly reducing human error.

So that cartridges can store longer, without ink leakage.

How can we support you?

  1. Due to the uniqueness of remanufactured ink cartridges, some models may be in short supply due to a lack of empty cartridges. These models may have low market demand or may be outdated and rare. Many factories do not produce non-mainstream models, but we can support you with these models. If you need them, we can keep in touch and prebook them for you when the empty cartridges are available, ensuring your regular supply. Having unique products others don’t offer can give you a distinct selling proposition that sets you apart from your competitors.
  2.  We offer customization services, including ink cartridge labels, barcode labels, paper box packaging, etc. Private labels and boxes are so typical today. You just need to pay a little to customize your own package. We can customize a batch of boxes for your further orders; you don’t need to use them all at once. We will finish the package according to your request.
  3. Urgent order support. In case of urgent orders after running out of stock, we can prioritize supplying ink cartridges to you due to our flexibility. Your order will be managed well, then receive the goods on time.

We wholesale remanufactured ink cartridges for an extended period domestically, then we’ve been beginning to export since 2018. These products are high value and quite competitive; we take care of each step carefully, ensuring we don’t make mistakes. We believe we can support you and your business with our rich experience and services. Ready to inquire about our latest updated prices? Please simply leave us messages, and our team will reply to you promptly.


We will refill the ink volume a bit more than the chip data.

And the data of compatible chips are basically the same as the OEM chip, so refilling too much ink is unnecessary, although some sellers claim how much more ink they refill.

What we can guarantee is that at least the cartridge can print as much as the OEM ones.

Most of the time, OEM uses pigment ink for Black and dye ink for Tri-color.

We refill dye ink, except for some special models like HP 45. But we can fill the pigment ink on request (although not that recommended). 


It depends on you. Generally, we will quote the best price and consider a 2% defective rate a regular rate that can be accepted.

For abnormal defective rate, we will arrange shipping carrier pick-up when the defective quantity is large enough, and we send the replacements or deduct the amount for next order.

There are mainly three compatible chip companies for these printhead ink cartridges. Apex, Megain, Chipjet. 

Apex chip is our first choice, which is the best quality.

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